If you’re planning a pool party, you can enhance the celebration with a fun party theme! A theme can help you tie the entire event together — the food, the drinks, and the decorations. Thematic pool parties can be enjoyable for your friends and family, especially if they get to dress up and add to the fun.

Consider the following themes as you plan your next pool party.

Fiesta Pool Party

A fiesta-style pool party is sure to be a hit with everyone. You can set up a taco bar where all your guests can create their own plates from fresh ingredients alongside a real bar with margaritas and mocktails. Decorate with brightly colored streamers, festive tablecloths, and a pinata for endless fun. Feature lively music that everyone can dance to for even more pool party fun.

1950s Pool Party

Add mid-century flair to your party with a 1950s theme. Bring in a DJ to play hits from the fifties airwaves and create a 1950s barbecue buffet with burgers, jello, and other treats indicative of the era. There are many online candy stores that sell candies and treats that were popular during the 1950s, so be sure to treat your guests to ice cream floats for dessert. Don’t forget to include some pink flamingo pool floaties for the pool.

Carnival Theme

What’s more fun than a carnival? Kids especially love a good carnival-themed pool party, and, luckily, they’re super easy to plan!

Cotton candy, popcorn, and hot dogs are fun and delicious foods to serve at a carnival-themed pool party. Plus, many classic carnival games can even be adapted for your pool or played in your backyard. You can even add a couple of fun inflatables to the yard for the little ones to enjoy.

A backyard swimming pool party is more fun when you decorate and offer food and treats associated with a theme. But first, make sure that your pool is clean and ready for guests with the help of Island Pools & Patios, a trusted pool service company in Wildwood and the surrounding areas. We’re also renowned hot tub installers in South Jersey if you would like to spice up your outdoor pool. Contact us to learn more about our wide range of pool services!