When adding smart features or high-tech gadgetry to your home, don’t forget to consider your pool. There are many high-tech features that can enhance your enjoyment of your swimming pool and outdoor festivities. Consider these features when updating your pool area.

Motorized Pool Lounger

Navigate your way around your pool with a motorized pool lounger. Keep your drink stable in the lounger’s holder and relax without making a splash. These enjoyable devices are designed for safe use in water. Their convenient and comfortable designs ensure that they’ll be every pool guest’s favorite seat!

Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Ensure that you can hear your favorite music and podcast or the latest audiobook with a floating Bluetooth speaker. Keep your smartphone safe on a patio table away from the water and listen, instead, to a device that’s designed to float in your pool. These speakers withstand water and are crafted to float without upturning in the pool. Many of today’s floating pool speakers also allow you to stream music or other audio content and listen even if you’re more than 30 feet away.

Cordless LED Pool Lights

Ensure your evening swims with LED pool lights that are specifically designed for use in your swimming pool. Many models are solar-powered, so they charge up during the day so they can supply ambient lighting in the evening. Moreover, many lights boast decorative appeal and can enhance the look of your entire pool and patio area.

Pool Cleaning Robot

When you shop for Wildwood pool supplies, be sure to consider purchasing a pool cleaning robot. Pristine pool water makes for a more enjoyable swimming experience! These cleaning devices are highly effective and perform all the necessary cleaning tasks without relying on your own pool pump and filter in Avalon. Simply drop the device into the water and let it go to work. You might also consider an automated pool skimmer device, especially if your swimming pool is located near your garden or landscape foliage.

Add exciting pool features to your swimming pool with these high-tech pool gadgets. They can enhance your enjoyment of your pool throughout the long hot season. If you are searching for pool maintenance or repairs, contact Island Pools & Patios. Our skilled technicians will keep your swimming pool in tip-top shape!