During your NJ pool maintenance, you might realize that it’s time to have your pool renovated. Even if you don’t think your pool can benefit from a makeover, there are many more advantages to a renovation than just improving its appearance. And, even if you intend to remodel your pool to redesign its look, there are many other facets you can improve at the same time. Here are four advantages to renovating your pool.

Renovating Your Pool’s Appearance

When people think about pool remodeling, the first thought that comes to mind is enhancing its look. After many years of use or neglect, the quality of a pool can diminish. Whether cracked tiles need replacement or you want to powerwash the entire area, a renovation can help restore a pool to its former glory. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the opportunity to install a better finish. Plaster pools were the only variety in the past, but now there are many new options to consider. These alternatives to plaster have increased durability, stand out more, and will enhance the home’s value and appeal.

Pool Remodeling Can Benefit Energy Usage

While renovating your pool’s physical design is common, it’s also essential to consider how it can be functionally improved to use energy more efficiently. As pools of an older design were made with older equipment, like plumbing and electrical appliances, to keep the water clean, it can use a lot of energy and cost homeowners a significant amount of money. Yet, with a swimming pool renovation, you can upgrade it with more energy-efficient equipment helping save money in the long run.

Consider Patio Space When Renovating Your Pool’s Appearance

The swimming area is important, but so is the patio where you’ll be lounging in the summer sun. The patio space around your pool can be replaced and expanded outward during the renovation process. Not only will you be able to install a new design or touch up the old patio, but any guests or relatives you invite over will have more space to have fun while visiting. More space means more people can come, making it easier to host pool parties after your pool remodeling has been completed.

Install New Features During Your Pool Remodeling

Lastly, swimming pool renovations are an excellent time to install new features. Consider the following add-ons during your pool renovation.

  • Pool lighting can create spotlights to brighten up the darkness, allowing you to swim late in the night or before sunrise.
  • Kid-friendly decisions, such as marking where the deep water begins, leveling off the deep end, and installing safety features can secure the area for children.
  • There are ways to make your pool usable outside of the hot summer months, such as adding a heater system to allow you to use it throughout the year.
  • You may even want to add a hot tub or spa on the side if you enjoy those features.

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