After having a new pool or patio installed into the backyard of your home, you’ll want to purchase comfortable poolside furniture to go along with it. However, there are so many furniture options to choose from that it can be challenging to select the right ones. Furthermore, while personal preference can play a factor in your choices, there are some circumstances that can make certain furniture a poor choice for your home. Follow these four poolside furniture tips to determine which will suit your home the best for outdoor living.

Take Size Into Account

Before you start browsing pool furniture and grow attached to something you see online, measure the outdoor space you plan to work with and sketch it if possible. There’s nothing worse than buying new furniture and learning that it takes up too much space, so planning out the dimensions will help you determine if the furniture will be the right size for your patio or deck.

Additionally, the size of the patio space isn’t the only factor you need to take into account. No matter how much furniture you can fit in one given area, it will be incredibly difficult to move around if there isn’t any room to maneuver. Utilize the flow of traffic when selecting your furniture and whether it would benefit or detract from the liveability of your poolside space.

Consider the Environment

Next, think about the environment in which you’ll be placing your outdoor furniture. Will you be putting it on a wooden deck, a hard patio, or on the soft ground? These factors can influence what materials you should choose for your pool furniture as, for example, the moisture from the wet ground can cause metal furnishings to corrode. Selecting water-resistant furniture will help prevent the development of mold and mildew, among other problems.

Furthermore, the environment doesn’t just pertain to where you’ll be placing your furniture. The weather and natural climate are a considerable influence on what kinds of furniture are best suited for your poolside. If you live in a place with harsh summers and a dry atmosphere, it can cause the wood to crack apart. Constant rainfall can also be a major problem for certain types of furniture due to the rust, and lightweight furniture that blows away easily won’t fare well in locations with high wind speeds. When shopping for outdoor furniture, look for weather-resistant materials and cushions made with outdoor fabric.

Think About Their Purpose

Why are you buying outdoor furniture? For the parties that you plan to host? To relax with your family? This question can be a guiding force that directs you in the right direction. Some may wish to make their poolside area an extension of their indoor living space, while others may want to dine there. If you’re going to use your patio or deck for more than one purpose, consider purchasing furniture with multipurpose features, such as pull-out compartments for storage.

This thought process also extends to the accessories you purchase. Fire pits, rugs, and lighting fixtures can all improve your backyard and make it more comfortable to live in, but how often will you use them?

Develop a Personal Style

Now that you have the essential details figured out for your poolside furniture, it’s time to pick out a style. When settling on aesthetics, there are two important factors you should consider. First, what kind of style of home do you have? Whether it’s traditional, modern, minimalist, or something else, you’ll want the outdoor furniture you purchase to remain consistent with your theme. Further, you should also keep an eye on color options if you want to match the hues of your home and outdoor decor.

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