Having a pool in your backyard provides many benefits. From having an area to stay fit with swimming to the perfect setting for social functions, pools offer homeowners a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the world.

In the past, pools were often installed without much thought in regard to landscaping. Oftentimes, pool areas were quite sterile and devoid of character. Yet, as homeowners become more design savvy when it comes to creating their outdoor oasis, the demand for attractive landscaping designs for pool areas has risen dramatically.

Here we’ll discuss some of the landscaping plants to utilize around the pool to give it that perfect touch you’ve been looking for:

Pool-Friendly Trees

pool-friendly trees

Trees often get a bad wrap when it comes to planting in close proximity to a pool. In many cases, planting trees near a pool can create a lot of problems, especially if the specimens you add drop leaves and debris. Yet, with some careful selection, adding groups of trees will provide natural shade points in the swimming area. When looking for trees to add to your poolside landscaping, try to find ones that don’t flower and aren’t known to drop excessive amounts of leaves.

Ornamental Grasses to Fill an Area

ornamental grass

Ornamental grasses are excellent for landscaping near a pool. These hardy plants are excellent at filling in areas quickly and, depending on your selections, can add character to even the plainest areas. Most ornamental grasses grow best in direct sunlight and will take advantage of the humid air that often surrounds the pool area.

The Succulent Trend

the succulent trend

Another great option for poolside landscaping is the succulent. This type of plant comes in many sizes, shapes, and colors. It provides the ideal backdrop that can be used in conjunction with more traditional plant varieties. Succulents are hardy, and many are also evergreen. Due to the large size variations available, endless landscaping possibilities are available when integrating succulents into a landscaping design.

Adding Vines Around the Pool

vines around the pool

If your pool is enclosed with walls, vines are an excellent option to turn the entire area into a more natural setting. Vines easily climb walls and other obstacles, creating a type of natural barrier. If you want to add some color, try flowering vines that can really make an area pop!

Should You Use Containers?

plant containers

Container gardens are an excellent choice for anyone that isn’t quite sure what they’re looking for when it comes to poolside landscaping. Containers can be moved with ease, giving the ultimate customization to a homeowner. Additionally, containers can be used in combination with non-container plants, creating a beautiful multi-dimensional garden for you and your guests to enjoy. It’s important to note that depending on the plants used, containers do require more watering than traditional gardens.

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