Whether going for a fall swim or hosting a fun patio event, spending time in your pool or patio during autumn is a wonderful experience. However, adding the right decorations and features can make it even more memorable. Here are four major tips to remember if you plan to decorate the pool for fall or liven up the patio.

Use Seasonal Decor

Autumn only comes once a year, meaning there’s no better time to decorate your patio with pumpkins and gourds. There are many ways you can bring the feel of the harvest season to a pool or patio, such as with jack o’ lanterns, scarecrows, and other decorations evocative of autumn. Hay bales, in particular, make for excellent fall patio decor. They complement the fall season perfectly and can also be used as seats for family and friends.

Cultivate a Fall Garden

Decorate the pool for fall by adding potted plants and other flowers. They’re sure to freshen up a patio and give it a more natural feel. Consider adding ornamental plants like dried flowers and pinecones. Additionally, pots and vases can also contribute to the autumn theming when they’re painted with fall colors and designs.

Add Colorful Cushions

Another great way to decorate the pool for fall is by adding new cushions to the seating area. It will add another layer of warmth and comfort. Additionally, cushions, pillows, and other decorations serve as a great way to add more vivid fall colors to an outdoor space. You can also use the new cushions as an opportunity to incorporate more autumn designs, like leaves and acorns, into your fall patio decor.

Create Sources of Warmth and Light

As the nights grow longer and the temperature drops, lighting, and warmth are a must. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can decorate the pool for fall to make it brighter and warmer.

Candles are an easy method of brightening your patio and poolside spaces. Not only are they perfect for cultivating an alluring ambiance, but the candles themselves can also contribute to your fall color scheme. Hanging lights are another fun way to decorate the pool for fall and are more than just beautiful. Strategically placing lights to illuminate certain areas, like stairs, is a great way to improve safety when night falls.

Adding a fire pit is one of the best options to bring warmth and light to a patio area in the fall. Whether your family gathers for heat or roasts marshmallows, it’s a fantastic way to draw people together. Not to mention, the flames of the fire are incredibly beautiful in their own right.

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