Christmas is the perfect time of the year for friends and family to gather together, and what better place to do so than at the pool and patio in your own backyard? To learn about how you can make your Christmas pool party a fun and festive gathering, follow our three helpful tips.

Poolside Party Decoration Ideas

If you want to make your Christmas pool party a memorable event, it ought to look the part. Anyone planning on hosting a holiday gathering at their pool should go the extra mile and transform their patio area into a winter wonderland. Plants and shrubbery can be adorned with Christmas ornaments, while any fences will be perfect for festive tinsel and holiday lighting. Of course, it’s not a holiday party without a Christmas tree! This is a good opportunity to reuse your regular ornaments as decorations for the party — alternatively, you can opt for more pool-themed ornaments like inner tubes, pool noodles, and more.

While everyone loves the traditional festive decorations of the holiday season, consider having a theme. This theme can be based around a particular holiday movie, Christmas special, or song and will go a long way to tie your patio together with a cohesive design. Regardless of which poolside party decoration ideas you settle on, don’t forget to create a playlist of your favorite Christmas songs! Not only will it help set the mood at your gathering, but it will also help keep guests entertained throughout the party.

Bring Festive Inflatables for Your Pool

Fun Christmas inflatables aren’t just for front yard decorations — there are many ways you can incorporate holiday-themed inflatables into your pool party. Festive inflatable lounges are a great addition to help guests relax in the pool and also make for fun toys as well. However, you can take your holiday pool floats a step further and make them a part of your decorations. While it’s fun to see an inflatable snowman bob up and down in the water, some holiday pool party hosts have made floating Christmas trees by attaching them to life preservers. 

Help Keep Guests Warm

Unless you’re having a Christmas in July celebration or you live in the Southern Hemisphere, the chances are high that it will be a bit chilly during your holiday pool party. To ensure your guests stay comfortable throughout your event, provide them with several sources of warmth. For example, warm towels will help swimmers dry off after their time in the pool and stave off the cold air. Also, be sure to have blankets for those who wish to relax on the patio. Having a bonfire or other source of warmth will go a long way to keeping party guests warm, as will serving hot chocolate and other heated foods and beverages.

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