Installing a backyard pool and remodeling your outdoor living space are both exciting endeavors. However, even if you’ve been contemplating a pool and patio renovation, knowing exactly what you want to accomplish with the project can be difficult. If you’re looking for pool hardscape ideas for inspiration, here are five that you ought to consider.

Extend Entertainment Space

There’s far more you can do at the pool than go for a swim. Some of the best pool hardscape ideas involve creating an outdoor living space that isn’t just beautiful but functions as a place you can spend time with family and host parties. One way to accomplish this goal is by adding new seating areas that can be used for both relaxation and dining. Fire pits are another excellent addition to any pool patio that will provide a source of warmth during your social gatherings.

Consider a Wall

There’s a look that homeowners can accomplish with a stone wall installation. Not only will it make your pool area feel distinct from other parts of your property, but it will also offer a sense of privacy for swimmers and sunbathers alike. However, that’s far from the only type of wall you can have. A natural stone wall made with boulders can help make your backyard pool feel like an oasis retreat — especially if you add a beautiful waterfall along with it.

Add Elevated Seating Areas

One way to literally elevate your pool’s hardscape design is by adding a raised terrace or deck. This is another method of dividing your property into distinct areas while also creating the feeling of more space. The elevation distance also has the added bonus of being further away from the pool, meaning that those resting there will be less likely to be splashed.

Install Planters for Flowers and Bushes

Just because you have pool hardscape ideas doesn’t mean that you need to leave plants out of the picture. Homeowners can use hardscaping as an opportunity to add new planters to use as garden beds. Not only will planters create beautiful new focal points for your patio design, but the flowers planted there will offer a pleasant fragrance for swimmers.

Choose a Simple or Stylish Design

The sky’s the limit when it comes to pool hardscape ideas. There are many different directions you can take its visual design in, which ultimately depend on both your personal preferences and the existing design of your current landscaping. For example, some homeowners prefer simple and slick slabs to create a modern look, whereas others desire to make their pool patio into a resort-like retreat.

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