Retaining walls — no matter what material they’re built with — can become a pivotal focal point of your landscaping design. However, because there are so many different options and designs to choose from, deciding on which design you want for your property can be difficult. To give you some inspiration, let’s take a look at four retaining wall ideas that will make any landscaping look fantastic.


Although retaining walls can provide some unique elevation changes to your property, they don’t need to be particularly tall to contribute to your landscaping design. In many cases, the quality and aesthetic appeal of the material you choose, whether it’s stone veneers or boulders, is enough to provide more visual interest to your property.

That’s why one of the best retaining wall ideas is to create an elevated curve around your patio. Additionally, by creating unorthodox curves and nooks in your retaining wall design, you can make spaces in your patio that you otherwise wouldn’t have had. These dynamic spaces are perfect for fire pits, benches, pizza ovens, and much more.

Plant Life

The extra space that retaining walls create is excellent for flower beds. In fact, not only will they be great for planting flowers in a higher location, but they provide several other advantages too. For instance, retaining walls offer improved drainage control, more protection against pests and weeds, and other benefits that promote the health of your plants. You don’t have to plant flowers in a retaining wall either, as raised garden beds are also a great space to grow vegetables and herbs too.

Additionally, backyard retaining wall ideas aren’t limited to flowers and vegetables. Trees and other plants can be highlighted by surrounding them with a beautiful retaining wall. Installing a wall will provide more than just aesthetic benefits, too, as its presence can help protect the tree roots from erosion.

Slopes and Stairways

Because they provide homeowners with control over their landscaping’s elevation, numerous retaining wall ideas and designs incorporate them into slops. By storing the soil, the earth in those locations is held together better. Also, by combining your retaining wall with a stairway, you can create more visual interest too. The added functionality of a stairway allows you to bring together two different points from your landscaping that a retaining wall would have otherwise separated, making a stair installation useful for traversing your property.

Front Yard

Even though there are many backyard retaining wall ideas to choose from, that doesn’t mean you have to forget about your front yard. As the front of your home is the first thing that guests and potential homebuyers alike will see, ensuring that it looks beautiful is an important part of your curb appeal — and a retaining wall can help you leave a good first impression. By installing a retaining wall in front, you can visually separate your home and property from the sidewalk and the rest of the world.

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