Here at Island Pools & Patios, we know how great our customers feel when we prepare a brand new pool area for them in time for the summer months. After all, swimming pools can add a whole new dimension to a backyard area, becoming a new space for pool parties, relaxing afternoons, and early morning summer workouts.

In fact, to help you prepare your pool for a summer pool party, we’ve listed our favorite tips below!

Keep the Pool Area Spotless

Before you start inviting guests, make sure that the pool area is clean and ready for visitors. Fish out any debris, leaves, and bugs. Ensure that all of your patio furniture is in good condition and that you have enough seating for your guests. Clean the deck area and make sure that there are no slippery areas, and try and keep walking areas free from obstructions.

Plan Activities Ahead of Time

If you are planning some water activities for your summer pool party, it’s essential to prepare for the occasion. Make a list of any equipment that may be required for pool games and make sure that you purchase all the equipment before your guests arrive.

For smaller pool areas, make sure that there are ample tables and chairs for people to relax and soak in the great weather and atmosphere. You can even involve your guests by asking them to bring additional floatation equipment or kit for activities in the pool; this way, they will feel more involved with the pool party as a whole.

Allocate Food Prep and Dining Areas

Those of you who already have a summer kitchen will have space allocated for food prep and dining. However, it’s essential to leave space for your friends to socialize and enjoy the ambiance at your pool party.

If you only have a limited amount of free space around your pool area, consider ordering food from a local caterer. This will take the stress out of having to prepare food yourself and allow you to relax and enjoy the day. Whatever the case, plan out a dining area, and a disposable space to make sure that your pool area is left clean at the end of the day.

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