Summertime has arrived, and it’s a hot one! As the best pool installers in Margate, we know how important it is to stay cool when you are having fun in the summer sun. Thankfully, those two things are not mutually exclusive. The whole family can get rowdy and stay cool while playing these fun games in the pool!

Pool Sports

Instead of jumping in the pool to cool off after a game of volleyball or basketball, why don’t you just play in the pool? Some sports work better than others in the pool, but you can use your imagination and adapt your nets and other equipment for aquatic use. Plus, at your local sporting goods store, you can find basketball hoops, volleyball nets, and other sports equipment that are made specifically for pool play! 


Also known as “colors” in some circles, this is an all-time classic swimming pool strategy game. The rules may differ depending on where you are from, but generally speaking, here’s how it works:

  • One person is “it,” and they stand outside of the pool — on the diving board if you have one — with their back turned away from the water. 
  • Everyone else lines up along the side of the pool in the water. 
  • The person outside the pool picks a category — colors, sports teams, breakfast cereals, or perhaps something more creative — and everyone else must silently pick an object in that category. 
  • Once everybody is ready, the “it” person guesses objects from their category out loud with their backs turned, and if they say your object, you have to try to get to the other side of the pool without being tagged. 
  • The “it” person can only turn around if they hear somebody making a move, and if they turn around on a wrong guess, they have to take one step away from the pool.
  • The game is over when somebody gets tagged before reaching the other side, or if everyone makes it to the other side without getting caught. Whoever gets tagged is now ‘“it.”

Greased Watermelon

There aren’t many rules for this game — Just get a watermelon, lather it up with vaseline or shortening, and toss that puppy in the water. Two teams must try to push the watermelon over to the opponent’s “goal,” which is just the wall on the opposite side of the pool. Choose a score to play until, or set a game clock, and have at it!

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