With summer in full swing, lots of time is spent by the pool. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a day spent with friends, cooling off by the pool is a popular activity for the summertime. Island Pools & Patios is a premier provider of pools and patios serving the Cape May and Atlantic County region. Our team wants you to enjoy your pool all summer long, so we are here to offer you seven tips on pool safety.

Never Swim Alone

No one should ever swim alone. Even if you are an adult and know how to swim, you should still swim with a buddy. There is always the possibility of getting a cramp or feeling so sick that you cannot swim. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so be sure to always swim with another person.

Never Leave a Child Unattended

If there are children at the pool, be sure that an adult who knows how to swim is watching them. Little kids can get away easily and forget to put their floaties on before returning to the pool. Children are unaware of safety precautions, so it is the job of the adults around them to keep them safe.

Do Not Rely on Pool Toys to Keep Kids Safe

Pool toys such as tubes, noodles, and floaties should not be relied on to keep kids safe in the pool. Blown up devices always run the risk of being popped and deflating, which is hazardous to the person using it. Keep a careful eye on children when they are in the water.

Know CPR

Unfortunately, freak accidents are common around pools. Drowning is always a possibility when people are around a pool, so pool owners should know how to perform CPR. Knowing CPR in case of an emergency can save a person’s life.

Install the Proper Covers and Barriers

Depending on the state you live in, specific barriers and fences must be installed around a pool. Be sure to meet the necessary regulations for your state.

If a Child is Missing, Check the Pool First

As stated before, freak accidents always have the possibility of happening. If a child is missing and you have been spending time around a pool, check the pool first because the child could have fallen into the pool without anyone noticing.

Island Pools & Patios wants all of its clients to have a safe, enjoyable pool experience. We offer various services including weekly pool services to the Avalon area and we also sell pool furniture to our customers in Stone Harbor. To learn more about what we do, just browse our site!