It might be chilly outside right now — but before you know it, it’ll be time to open your pool for the spring season. Before it comes time to hop into the water, make a plan to improve your pool’s safety this coming season. Use these four essential tips to ensure a fun and safe summer in 2020.

  • Inspect and repair your pool gate. A safe and sturdy pool gate prevents both children and animals from wandering too close to your pool and falling in. Take a walk around your pool gate well before it’s time to open the water for the year. If you notice a lapse in your gate’s security, call for repair from a local fencing professional.
  • Touch up your pool’s hardscaping. The pathway to your pool and around your pool can be dangerous if you don’t properly maintain it. Take a walk around your pool and look for crumbling segments of pavement, cracks that are large enough for a child to trip over, or missing bricks. If you notice damage, call your favorite brick pavers in Wildwood to repair the issue.
  • Educate yourself on proper pool etiquette and safety. A safe pool starts with a solid set of pool rules. Read up on poolside best practices and insist that both family members and guests follow them. For example, you might want to remind young children not to run around the pool and only to swim when they’re with an adult.
  • Keep up with cleaning and maintenance. When most people think of pool danger, they imagine a child falling into the water and drowning. While drowning is a serious problem, unsanitized pool water can also cause illness. Keep up with your pool cleaning and maintenance this year by hiring a company providing swimming pool service in Avalon.

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