Soaking in hot water has been a form of relaxation since the 4th century BCE and has had the same health benefits ever since. In fact, from ancient Greek calderas to Roman social bathhouses to American-made hot tubs, hydrotherapy has enhanced countless lives spanning the centuries and continues to do so today. Luckily, with the affordable professional hot tub installations in Cape May County, NJ, from Island Pools & Patios, you can enjoy the advantages of hydrotherapy whenever you want! 

Read on to find out more about the many benefits of hydrotherapy and hydromassage provided by our hot tubs.

Powerful Relief in Your Backyard

Hydrotherapy has been proven to help hasten the removal of lactic acid, promote circulation, and lessen the effects of gravity on the body. Additionally, soaking in hot water has been known to relieve many other ailments, including:

  • Anxiety & Stress

Both of these issues can originate from money problems, work, family, and health issues, among numerous other stimulants of the body’s stress-response system. Fortunately, in as little as 10 minutes, soaking in a hot tub can melt away stress and eliminate headaches by soothing muscles and stimulating better blood flow. 

  • Insomnia 

Hydrotherapy, hydromassage, and the warmth from our hot tubs can help soothe tension and send sleepy suggestions to your brain. 

  • Body Soreness & Pain

As we previously mentioned, immersing yourself in hot water can help relieve muscle pain and improve blood circulation. Almost two-thirds of Americans suffer from lower back pain and discomfort, so installing a hot tub on your property could take you out of that statistic!  

  • Arthritis & Fibromyalgia

Joint pain from arthritis and musculoskeletal discomfort due to fibromyalgia cause pain, stiffness, and discomfort for millions of Americans each year. But, with the healing and relaxing effects of heat on the body along with water’s buoyancy taking pressure off joints, you can experience relief for these two painful conditions with a regular soak in a hot tub. 

At Island Pools & Patios, our hot tub installers in South Jersey can bring a high-quality hot tub to your home and put it in the same day, so you can start relaxing and feeling the health benefits of hydrotherapy almost immediately. If you want to learn more about our selection of hot tubs and request an installation, give us a call today!