Believe it or not, the winter is coming to a close, which means that it’s just weeks from spring and summer. It’s time to start thinking about planning for those BBQs, outdoor activities, and pool parties! Unfortunately, when you look into the pool, it’s not that inviting anymore; stains, cracks, worn away areas, and discoloration has done a number on your pool. Let’s just face it: you need a pool resurfacing.

Fortunately, at Island Pool & Patios, our technicians perform expert pool renovations in NJ, and our resurfacing services can transform your pool into a welcoming oasis once again!

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a pool resurfacing before springtime: 

The Weather is Cold 

It’s winter, which means that you’re not using the pool at all. There really is no better time for outdoor pool work then when you’re not planning to use the pool in a while still! Don’t wait too long, or you’ll end up limiting your pool time when the temperatures rise.

The Pool Surface is Rough or Wearing Away

Sandpaper never feels good on the skin, so when your pool’s surface feels like sandpaper, something has gone wrong. Over time, your pool’s surface can begin to wear away from overuse, unbalanced pH levels, or external damage, leaving the rough, unpolished underside of the material ready to scrape a knee or scratch an arm or belly. The raw gunite can even start becoming exposed. When this happens, it is essential to get a resurfacing pro to fix the problem!

Can’t Clean the Stains Out Anymore

Stains can be caused by everyday wear-and-tear and minerals, algae, and chemicals. Usually, green and (sometimes) red stains can indicate algae growth. If you are scrubbing and nothing is happening, it may be time to consider a resurfacing service from the professionals.

Cracks & Leaks

If you see gaps or cracks in the concrete, wet spots nearby, falling tiles, too-fast water evaporation, acidic pH levels, etc., you should call us to take a look and perform the correct corrective and protective services. These could all point to leaks that should get plugged before the summer cookout!

Your Pool Could Use an Upgrade

Sometimes you need a change. With one of the leading pool resurfacing companies in Cape May County in your back pocket, you have many options for enhancing your pool. You can update the basin, replace the old tiles with new, colorful ones, and choose from multiple materials and aggregates to make your pool area your beautiful escape!

If you are interested in having your pool resurfaced by expert technicians before the swimming season hits, call us at Island Pools & Patios today! We are taking requests for resurfacing services all winter long, so it’s not too late to schedule one!