With summertime right around the corner, it’s tempting to start thinking about taking a dip in the water. While temperatures might still be too cold for pools, though, you can fire up your hot tub to get ready for the sunny days ahead.

As one of the major hot tub installers in South Jersey, the Island Pools & Patios team has had many customers ask about the best ways to get their hot tubs rolling so they can take a relaxing dip in their own little slice of summer.

Here’s what you should do when starting up your hot tub after it’s been dormant for the winter.

Deep Clean…Everything

When your hot tub was winterized, a lot of the stuff that kept it clean when it was being regularly used was taken out to prevent damage. With water chemicals gone and the pipes all empty, dust, debris, and bacteria colonies can take up residence in your hot tub’s plumbing.

Since nothing screams “summer” less than soaking in a petri dish, it’s essential to:

  • Clean or change your hot tub filters
  • Rinse and drain the footwell and pipes
  • Clean the hot tub while it’s empty

When preparing to clean your hot tub, be sure to disconnect the power before taking any further action. Your hot tub’s electrical system could have become damaged while sitting through the winter, creating a safety risk if you use chemicals or water on the unit.

Inspect for Damage

Your electrical system must be in working order to minimize the risk of electrocution during the use or maintenance of your hot tub. However, there are other important parts of your hot tub to examine for signs of damage. Cracks in your footwell, damage to the hot tub’s body, dampness in unexpected corners around the hot tub, and even signs of mold or mildew can appear on a hot tub’s unit during the winter.

Due to the nature of a hot tub’s system, it’s important to avoid attempting repairs on your own, since lacking the proper experience can lead to further damage to your hot tub — and injury to you.

Test and Retest the Chemical Levels

Once you’re sure that all your hot tub’s parts are clean and in working order, you can take the next steps of opening your hot tub: filling it, and treating the water.

It’s vital to make sure that the chemical levels of your water are just right to keep the water safe through the summer. That’s why you should test the water several times before using it: once to get the right amount of chemical balance into your water, once after 24 hours, and again before your first use.

Last, but not least, while you’re getting your hot tub ready for the summer season, you might also want to consider some of following additions:

For more information about how to get your hot tub ready for summer, or to learn about hot tub installations in Cape May County, give Island Pools & Patios a call today!