Spring is here! With higher temperatures and sunnier skies, the siren song of your pool is probably getting louder with each passing day. It might be tempting to yank the cover off and dive right in, but as any pool service company in Wildwood will tell you, it might be worth taking a few extra moments to prepare your pool correctly.

Your pool has been sitting idle through the winter, and even though you’re ready for fun in the sun, you probably don’t dream of partying in water that’s been stagnant for months. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to open up your pool and get it ready for pool parties.

To open your pool, you should:

First, Remove the Cover

It’s a pretty straightforward first step, but it’s essential to take care when removing the cover.

Your pool cover is a perfect place for excess water and debris to collect while sitting idle through the winter. Removing it without first pumping the excess water out or removing only some of the debris can lead to more dirt in your pool. Extra dirt in the pool means more time cleaning and less time enjoying it, so it’s worth doing a little preventative work in the long run.

Get Rid of Debris

Once the cover’s off, skim the pool as thoroughly as you can. If you have a pool vacuum, then it’s worth using that to help get rid of dead insects, leaves, or bits of branches and other debris that might have gotten into your pool throughout the winter.

Then, Jumpstart Your Hardware

If you had to disconnect your filters, pumps, and other equipment to get your pool ready for the winter, then it’s time to reconnect your hardware and make sure it works.

It’s essential to look over your equipment for signs of damage before plugging it in. Using damaged hardware can raise the risk of injury or damaging your pool.

Chemically Treat Your Water

To make sure your pool is safe to enjoy, it’s important to check the water’s chemical balance. This includes looking at:

  • Alkalinity
  • pH
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Metal Concentration

Even though alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness are typically the measures people look for, it’s also essential to measure how much metal is dissolved in your pool. Having too much iron or copper can lead to rust stains appearing, which is no fun for anyone.

Filter and Enjoy

Once you run through the above maintenance steps, the last one is simple: run your filters for at least 24 hours, and then your pool should be ready to enjoy!

If you’re opening your pool this spring, or are interested in getting a quote from expert pool installers serving the Margate area, call the Island Pools and Patios team today!