Once the pool installers leave your Margate home, you probably don’t want to do anything but relax in your pool for a while. However, there will be a time when the idea will creep into your mind: wouldn’t it be great would it be to have a pool party?

But just because you have the most significant thing on the list of pool party supplies – a place to swim – doesn’t mean that there’s nothing else to prepare when it comes to entertaining. A pool party should have something to offer everyone, whether that’s swimming, soaking, sunbathing, or even just a great conversation.

To hold a phenomenal pool party, here’s what you need on hand:


When you invite people over, even if they are your closest friends or family, it’s always good to have a variety of games on hand to help keep them entertained. This could mean just including a few water guns to help facilitate a little summer fun, or it could mean investing in lawn games like cornhole and poolside activities like water basketball.

The important thing to remember is that you should have enough stuff to do that allows your guests to cool off while letting their inner child free.


Music is an essential component of any party that keeps people talking for days after. When planning your pool party, think about investing in a Bluetooth sound system so that everyone at the party can enjoy the DJ’s lineup.

Once you have the infrastructure in place, you should consider which music streaming service has the best variety of music your guests may enjoy. Whether it’s Spotify or Pandora Radio, it’s worth having options to help people enjoy themselves.

Essential Ingredients

While having fun is the primary aim of any pool party, you should consider including some essentials on your party’s supply list. You should always have extra sunscreen and towels on hand, in case someone forgets to bring one or the one they brought becomes unusable. Additionally, you should keep a couple of coolers on hand filled with water and other cold drinks to help keep everyone hydrated while they enjoy the water.

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