Swimming pools have become a go-to form of entertainment over the years, but they didn’t just spring up out of nowhere because pool maintenance companies in Wildwood were looking for a job. Pools have been around for centuries and have played many roles over the years, including religious rituals, marketing plans, and state-sponsored exercise.

Here’s a brief overview of the significant epochs in the history of the swimming pool:

In Ancient Times

Everyone who has had some lessons about the ancient Greeks and Romans has probably heard of the public pools they used to keep clean and socialize, but public baths are significantly older than these earliest examples. In fact, The Great Bath, located in modern day Pakistan, is one of the earliest examples of what we think of as a swimming pool. However, instead of recreation, this pool was likely used for religious ritual bathing and wasn’t used regularly as swimming pools are today.

With that said, the ancient Romans and Greeks did use their public bathhouses for activities like swimming as well as bathing. There’s even some evidence that ancient Romans had state-sponsored swimmers trained in their version of swimming pools.

The 20th Century

The first swimming pools as we know them didn’t come around until the end of the 19th century when a public pool was constructed in Massachusetts. By the time the 20th century rolled around, public pools had become one of the main ways people had sought to escape the summer heat, and cities constructed many to help achieve that end.

By the middle of the 20th century, swimming pools were often seen as a luxury item that the wealthy alone could afford, but the hotel industry took that reputation and turned it to their advantage. Many hotels and motels began to construct swimming pools to develop their own brand as luxurious places to visit.

Modern Pool Ownership

With the increase in demand for pools driven by the 20th century, the materials and methods of building swimming pools became more efficient, making it a more accessible feature to those who want it. Today, there are millions of swimming pool owners who get to enjoy their own personal pool to cool off, exercise, or simply relax the day away on a float.

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