Some people want to enjoy a nice swim when temperatures dip, and with pool supplies in Wildwood designed for use in cold areas, it’s entirely possible to keep your pool open for swimming year-round.

Keep reading to learn how to keep your pool open all winter long, plus the advantages and disadvantages of this decision.

Advantages to Keeping Pools Open in Winter

The two main advantages of keeping pools open in winter are the great view and swimming opportunities, but these benefits go much further. Leaving your pool open year-round helps it stay cleaner, plus it eliminates the need for a costly cover and special chemicals necessary to close your pool for the winter.

Disadvantages to Year-Round Pool Use

One of the main disadvantages of keeping your pool open in the winter is also a benefit — cleaning and maintaining it year-round means you never really get a break from these routine chores. Because some equipment may not work in the winter, you may need to purchase new equipment, plus the extra power required to heat your pool runs up your energy costs. Additionally, even when you do everything right, equipment can still break down when temperatures drop lower than normal, leaving you with potentially expensive repair costs.

How to Keep Your Pool Open Year-Round

First off, make sure that the pool pump and filter in Avalon you choose are capable of operation 12 to 24 hours a day, and set your equipment to do so. Automatic timers help with ensuring proper winter filtration, and options with freeze protection keep things working smoothly in colder environments. A tough pool heater capable of warming the water to 60 or so degrees lets you continue swimming in cooler weather, while checking your valves regularly for ice when temperatures dip severely helps reduce freezing risks. Additionally, be sure to maintain regular pool maintenance to ensure the water stays clean and chemically balanced. Keep in mind that while you can usually use your pool year-round, the water features around it typically need standard winterizing so that they are ready to go come springtime.

Whether you cover and close your pool in winter or decide to leave it open, Island Pools & Patios has you covered with top-notch supplies and service. Call us today for more information on weekly pool services or to learn more about our custom inground pools and hardscaping options.