Are you thinking about installing a pool on your property this spring? Don’t wait until the temperature starts to heat up to begin planning your installation! From gathering the right permits to choosing the right swimming pool service in Avalon to tackle the job, there are plenty of things to do before you begin your installation. Make sure you consider these crucial factors before it’s time to break ground for your new pool.

  • Ground reshaping. If your backyard is flat, you probably won’t have any problems installing an inground pool. However, if your yard is slanted or uneven, you may need to budget ground reshaping into your project plan.
  • Paving and safety features. As a pool owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the area around your pool is safe. Remember that you’ll need to budget for a pool fence and brick pavers in Wildwood to help you finish the area around your pool, as well.
  • Other bodies of water. Is the area where you’d like your pool to be close to a lake, ocean, river, or another body of water? If it is, you might need to pick a different spot. You usually cannot build a pool less than 100 feet away from another body of water.
  • Easements on your property. If your property has an easement on it, you won’t be able to build any permanent structure in your yard. Check your city or county records office to find out if your home has an easement on it.
  • HOA rules. Is your home part of a homeowner’s association? If it is, you might need special permission to build your pool. Contact the head of your HOA to learn more about specific community rules you need to follow.
  • Historic district regulations. If your home is located in a historic area, you will likely need permission from your local historical protection society before you build a pool.

Now is the right time to start communicating with your pool installation company before spring arrives. To learn more about the inground installation process, contact Island Pools & Patios today!