When closing up your swimming pool for the long winter season, a safety cover is the go-to option to protect your pool and people, pets, and animals that might inadvertently fall in. These covers are essentially designed for inground pools and above-ground pools that are completely surrounded by a deck. In some cases, these types of covers are able to support up to 4,000 pounds. That means that even if a large limb falls onto the pool, the cover will provide adequate protection for your swimming pool until you’re able to remove the offending limb.

There are two types of safety covers you’re likely to encounter — mesh and solid. Both are good choices, but you’ll want to consider each carefully before choosing one or the other to cover your pool. The key is to choose a strong cover that will help prevent everything from pets to debris from entering your pool over the winter.

Mesh Cover

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance yet durable safety pool cover, mesh material is a good choice. The mesh allows melting snow or rainwater to seep into the pool, but it blocks debris like leaves and twigs from entering. The main issue with mesh safety covers is that they can allow sunlight to penetrate the water, and that can cause algae growth. If you opt for a mesh safety cover, you’ll need to add an algae preventative agent to the water before closing up your pool. Your swimming pool maintenance service should be able to provide this treatment for you.

Solid Cover

A solid safety pool cover is an excellent choice in terms of durability. These covers tend to be the strongest on the market; some could even support the weight of a car (though, we don’t recommend testing that out). The main drawback of these types of covers is that you’ll have to remove standing water by pumping it off the cover when snow melts.

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